Their Education 

We wish to respect your child and you in their educational process. We understand the importance of these four years of schooling and how they impact the rest of their lives. There are numerous opportunities for students to excel in medical-based careers. Even if your child has no intention of a medical career, the rigor and expectations of our courses will prepare your child for college or a career when they leave our doors.

This is why the Tri-State STEM-M School was created—we saw a need. According to Lyle Snider, a research director at the University of Kentucky Center for Rural Health’s Division of Community Programs, Research, and Health Policy, the region has the fewest primary care doctors, but the most severe health problems.

In addition to this finding, in a recent survey of graduates from the Tri-State from 2010-2014, former students mentioned how some were unprepared for their college courses, while others wished they had been challenged more and had more opportunities for hands-on lessons. The report and the survey combine to show the need for an Early College high school that will strive to empower your children to reach their full potential.

Their Future 

At the Tri-State STEM-M Academy, we understand that your children and our students are going to inherit the responsibility of maintaining and improving the economy. We want to equip them with the skills and tools necessary so that when they go to work tomorrow they are prepared and ready to face the challenges they will meet.

This school aims to engineer citizens, not students. We understand that our students have the potential to be world-changers, but what we want to ensure is that they are actively engaged and positively impacting our community here in the Tri-State region. Most importantly, we want to instill in our students to be looking for problems to answer, instead of answers to problems.