Mastery Assessment

Each class at Tri-State STEM is graded on a mastery-level scale. This means that students are required to achieve a 90% or higher on each assignment to move forward. Through mastery, our expectation is that a student will be able to understand concepts, infer from them, connect them to other facts and concepts, categorize them, manipulate them, put them together in new or novel ways, and apply them to a specific problem. Mastery-level work allows students to be prepared for college level courses.

The mastery assessment system allows for remediation. A student that does not demonstrate a mastery-level understanding of will have the opportunity to resubmit work a second time. This system also allows for courses to be retaken. Because of the two-year schedule system for completing high school requirements, students that need to retake courses are not left behind. They will simply be delayed in taking college level courses during the junior and senior years.

In this model for assessment, a course is not considered mastered unless a student receives a 90% or above. If the student earns this distinction, then they will receive an “A” or 4.0 in the course. If the student does not reach this threshold then they will be asked to resubmit work or repeat the course. If a student repeats a course a second time, they will receive a letter grade and GPA will be adjusted accordingly. The school operates on a 4.0 scale, but college level courses will be weighted based off course hours.