What is STEM+M?

STEM-M stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine.

What kind of school is the Tri-State STEM+M Early College High School?

Tri-State STEM+M Early College High School is a public high school that prepares students for careers by focusing on education in science, technology, engineering, math and medicine. An emphasis will be placed on medicine due it being the largest employer in the region.  This high energy, collaborative school will offer education that prepares students for success and inspires them to become life-long learners. We are not a vocational or charter school.

Is the school an Ohio public high school?

The Tri-State STEM+M Early College High School is an Ohio public high school and will be free of charge to students in Ohio. Ohio Revised Code allows out of state students from Kentucky and West Virginia to attend Ohio STEM schools too, but a tuition fee will be charged. For more information please contact us for more information.

Will my child be able to participate in sports, music, and other school programs if they attend the Tri-State STEM+M Early College High School?

Yes, your child will be more than able to participate in all activities that your home school district offers. The Ohio Department of Education, Ohio Revised Code  3313.537, allows STEM school students to participate in extracurricular activities in their local school district.

Is the school accredited? 

Yes. Tri-State STEM+M Early College High School is accredited by the Ohio Department of Education and has its own specific STEM designation as a public school.

How are students selected for the school?

Students are selected to the Tri-State STEM+M Early College High School by showing that they are the most committed to learning, not necessarily by being the best or the brightest. We are committed to high quality education, not to being an elitist school. We are accepting up to 120 upcoming freshmen, if the amount that apply crosses that threshold then there will be a lottery system as to what students are accepted into the school. Students who did not gain admittance before their freshman year cannot reapply after their freshman year.

How will performance be measured at the STEM+M Early College High School?

Students will be accountable for results utilizing a mastery-based system. In order to earn credit for a class, students will be required to demonstrate mastery at the level of 90% or higher. Remediation will be provided for students not achieving mastery and it will be permitted for courses to be retaken. Tests will be used for evaluation, but the majority of the assessment of students will come through projects and assignments under Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) and Project Based Learning (PBL).

Will my child be left behind in the Mastery System of evaluations?

The mastery assessment system allows for remediation. A student that does not demonstrate a mastery-level understanding of will have the opportunity to resubmit work a second time. This system also allows for courses to be retaken. Because of the two-year schedule system for completing high school requirements, students that need to retake courses are not left behind. They will simply be delayed in taking college level courses during the junior and senior years. The idea here is give students the time and attention they need to fully understand the subject matter they are being presented with.

How can I tell my GPA in a Mastery System?

In this model for assessment, a course is not considered mastered unless a student receives a 90% or above. If the student earns this distinction, then they will receive an “A” or 4.0 in the course. If the student does not reach this threshold then they will be asked to resubmit work or repeat the course. If a student repeats a course a second time, they will receive a letter grade and GPA will be adjusted accordingly. The school operates on a 4.0 scale, but college level courses will be weighted based off course hours.

What are IBL and PBL?

Inquiry Based Learning (IBL) and Project Based Learning (PBL) are two types of leaning models our school uses to teach our students. PBL and IBL provide students with an authentic acquisition of knowledge by nature, meaning that students engage with others in work that interests them; their voices and choices merge through group work creating the learning and meaningful products and outcomes.

IBL and PBL provide opportunities for teachers from different content areas to collaborate and model team work in order to structure learning experiences where students can also collaborate with others to investigate, discover, grasp and comprehend the content.  In this environment the teacher guides students through the learning process engaging them in a teamwork approach. Students develop skills and knowledge through the project-based learning process while working collaboratively on projects, challenges, case studies, or problems, resulting in much deeper and richer learning.         

Does my child have to be interested in a medical career to attend the school?

No, although the curriculum will emphasize health, medicine, and wellness, this school is open to all students in the Tri-State area who want to make the choice to enhance their education and take steps to prepare themselves for college and real life.

Will I receive a diploma upon graduation of Tri-State STEM+M Early College High School?

Yes, Tri-State STEM is an accredited public school in Ohio and as such, will issue a diploma to graduating students.

Will transportation to the school be provided?

Student parents will need to provide their own transportation, but a stipend from their home district is available to defray associated costs upon request.

Is this school associated with other schools in the district?

No, Tri-State STEM+M is not officially affiliated with any local school district. However, as a part of this region, we look to build strong relationships with all the school districts.

Will I need my own personal laptop to attend this school?

No, all students will be issued a personal computer, as a part of the computer Lease Program. This is just one advantage of Tri-State STEM+M’s technology based learning environment.

Can I leave Tri-State STEM+M if I find it is not the place for me?

Yes, we will facilitate a smooth transition for any student that feels that they do not wish to continue their education with us to the school of their choice. We encourage that you do so within the first 10 days of the school year to ensure a smooth and easy transition for the student because of the differences in courses between the other public schools in the area. You can find more information on school district option on the Ohio Department of Education’s website: http://education.ohio.gov/Topics/Quality-School-Choice/Understanding-Ohio-School-Options

What makes this school any different from the ones that already exist?

The mission of the School is to inspire all students to achieve personal excellence, pursue world class STEM-M education and become self-directed life-long learners. The school will fulfill these goals through the characteristics that make up Tri-State STEM+M. Our school will be located in the medically integrated Wellness Center in South Point, Ohio. Not only will our students have state-of-the-art facilities and technology in the classrooms, but also they will be learning concepts in the classroom that are applied and implored right next door by real-working professionals. The school will focus on Inquiry-Based Learning and Project-Based learning, which will allow for hands on activities and a sense of self-ownership when it comes to grades for the course. Our faculty and staff will include esteemed professionals who are excited to teach students. Internships and partnerships with local professionals and business will also be a core part of our program. We have numerous partnerships with local professionals and businesses to ensure that learning is not solely based in the classroom, but includes connecting education to the workplace using a common sense approach.

The curriculum will be another advantage this school offers. This is not just another public high school, this is a collaborative where students from all backgrounds can come and receive an education that will push them and help them become self-motivated and engaged learners. Upon graduation, we believe our students will be able to compete and excel in college courses as well having developed an individual career path for additional education and then to the workplace. During the standard 4-year period of high school, our students will have completed their high school education requirements –usually in the first two years- and have the opportunity to take two years worth of college courses. This comes 100% free to in-state students.