The School will be guided by a Board Of Directors consisting of nine members that will serve as the policy making body. The Chief Learning Officer, working collaboratively with licensed educators, and staff, will lead daily operations of the School. The Board of Directors shall appoint an Advisory Council whose role is to maintain contact with existing higher education, medical, and health industry partners as well as to recruit additional partners. The Advisory Council, working in concert with the Board of Directors, will help to ensure the school remains sustainable.

Additionally, higher education partner institutions will provide leadership in assisting students with college credit options and identifying career pathways. Working in collaboration with School leadership and staff, medical and health care professionals from partnering institutions will provide guidance and counsel to ensure the curriculum remains relevant as well as providing visiting lectures, sites for internships and shadowing experiences.

The Advisory Council will consist of actively engaged partners contributing to the growth of the School efforts. The Advisory Council will advise, make recommendations to the Board of Directors, and provide input in the creation and implementation of the curriculum.

The STEM+M School initiative will be operated as a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation and the Board of Directors will serve as the officers for the Ohio non-profit corporation.

The Board of Directors shall be responsible for establishing policies and for oversight of the School’s operations, as well as maintaining a general framework for local partners; delegate the day-to-day operations to the Chief Learning Officer of the School, and select administrators who will in turn select staff to guide the daily operation of the School.

Doug KorstanjeDirector of Marketing and Community RelationsSt. Mary’s Medical CenterDevelopment, Community Relations
Dr. Mike DyerOwnerProctorville Animal ClinicTeaching, Research
Mrs. Jennifer PlymaleAssistant DeanMarshall University Medical SchoolWV Medical School Support, Advocacy
Mr. Carl DarlingPlant ManagerAmerican StyrenicsPrivate Sector Advocacy
Place Holder for KentuckyTBAKentuckyTBA
Place Holder for West VirginiaTBAWest VirginiaTBA
Dr. Dan EvansVice Provost EmeritusOhio UniversityUniversity Partnerships
Mr. Dan JeffriesOwnerPrestera TruckingBoard Leadership, Private Sector Advocacy
Mrs. Sandra BlackburnVice PresidentMcSweeney - Jenmar CorporationMarketing, Public Relations